Meeting in Copenhagen

November 30, 2015

A meeting was held in Denmark on 27-28/11, with representatives from universities and development agencies with an interest in small languages in Europe. Presentations were exchanged on the state of the Gaelic languages in Ireland and Scotland, and on the Sámi languages in Norway and Finland. An international research project is now being actively considered, in which universities and development agencies can work together to deepen understanding of the small languages situation, and make recommendations for creating a new development model.

Coinneamh ann an Copenhagen
Torkel Rasmussen, Sámi University College
Peadar Morgan, Bòrd na Gàidhlig
Michelle Francett-Hermes, University of Oulu
Caoimhín Ó Dónaill, Ulster University
Conchúr Ó Giollagáin, University of the Highlands and Islands
Colm Ó Baoill, Foras na Gaeilge

Two New Books

November 20, 2015


Two new books, written by Soillse researchers, have been published recently. One is in Gaelic, the other in English – both covering important topics. Further details below.

Family Language Policy

Maintaining an Endangered Language in the Home

Cassie Smith-Christmas

Why some children being raised in multilingual environments use more of their minority language than others is an important question both for researchers and caregivers of multilingual children. This book sheds light on this question by exploring it through the lens of three siblings on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, who are being raised in an extended family where the adults are trying to maintain the endangered language Scottish Gaelic with them. However, despite the adults’ best efforts, and despite the fact that the children attend a Gaelic immersion school, none of the children currently use very much Gaelic. Smith-Christmas looks at the adults’ individual language ideologies and their language practices with the children, as well as their language practices with each other and the language norms in the wider community, in order to explain why language maintenance is such a continual uphill struggle for this family.

A’ Ghàidhlig agus Beachdan nan Sgoilearan

Cothroman leasachaidh ann am foghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig

Sìleas L NicLeòid

Tha an leabhar seo stèidhichte air cuid de na toraidhean as cudromaiche a bhios ag èirigh ann an tràchdas PhD Sìleas NicLeòid. Anns an leabhar, tha Sìleas a’ toirt sùil mhionaideach airson na ciad uair air beachdan agus tuigse nan sgoilearan foghlam tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig fhèin air a’ Ghàidhlig agus air FMG, air mar a tha iad a’ faireachdainn mun t-suidheachadh ionnsachaidh aca, mun cuid chomasan sa Ghàidhlig agus mun t-seòrsa dreuchd a th’ aig a’ Ghàidhlig nam beatha.

Tha an leabhar a’ cumail fòcas làidir air guth na cloinne fhèin, stèidhichte air agallamhan le 80 sgoilear bho air feadh na h-Alba, eadar Clas 4 sa bhun-sgoil agus Bliadhna 2 san àrd-sgoil. Leis mar a thèid beachdan nan sgoilearan fhèin a chur ri beachdan nan inbheach, thathar a’ ruigsinn cho-dhùnaidhean agus mholaidhean a tha air leth cudromach do leasachadh FMG san àm ri teachd. Gheibhear an leabhar seo bho Bhùth Ostaig an-dràsta:

Small Research Fund: Extension

November 12, 2015

The deadline for applications to the Small Research Fund has been extended to 31/01/16. More information here.

Irish Parents and Gaelic-medium Education in Scotland

November 10, 2015

A new report has been published with support from the Soillse Small Research Fund. Here’s the link.