New insights

March 22, 2021


Soillse held an online workshop on “New Insights on the Vernacular Gaelic Communities in the Islands” for members and associates on 04/03/21, led by Professor Conchúr Ó Giollagáin. There was university representation from a cross-section of the network, as well as from a range of scholars outwith Scotland. Significantly, a number of Gaelic-speaking community members from within the study area also attended.

A recording was made of Professor Ó Giollagáin’s presentation, which is now made available for general viewing here:

A decision was made not to record the following discussion, in order to encourage a free exchange of views and comments, during which university-affiliated scholars raised points and questions, and lay community members made some notable contributions. However, following the event, members of the Guth nan Siarach group who took part in the seminar separately recorded their own reactions to the study. The group, formed in response to the Gaelic Crisis publication, will shortly be launching its own website. Meanwhile, the recording can be accessed in full on the Guthan nan Eilean website.

The following short clip has also been released on social media, to give a taste of the discussion. (This version has English translation subtitles “burned in”, for the benefit of non-Gaelic speakers. CC Gaelic subtitles, enabled through the Gaelic Speech Recognition project, are also available via the Guthan nan Eilean link.)


International Mother Language Day event recorded

March 3, 2021

International Mother Language Day was celebrated across the globe on 21/02/21. Among the many online events, the Digital Museum held a series of sessions with a focus from South Asia to North America.

Gaelic was featured in Session 3, alongside Jamaican. Soillse Director, Conchúr Ó Giollagáin delivered the opening presentation (at 00.12.50), summarising the key findings and recommendations of the “Gaelic Crisis” publication. This was followed by a range of contributions in conversation, poetry and song, with further input on Gaelic from Gordon Wells (00.31.50) and Meg Hyland (01.09.50), beside Jamaican contributions from Audrey West (00.50.45) and Yvonne Blake (01.35.35). The full recording can be accessed, following free registration, via this link: