“Talking Points” from Norman Maclean

January 18, 2022

A series of recorded discussions on Language Endangerment, Language Hierarchies, and Language Contact.

In the last few weeks of the funded period for Mediating Multilingualism, international project partners in universities in Scotland, India, and Jamaica discussed themes of common interest with UK-based community language speakers, stimulated by brief extracts from the final session of Saoghal Thormoid. These discussions, held in English, were recorded, and have been placed on the Island Voices YouTube channel.

The table below gives links to all the discussions, together with associated clips of Norman Maclean in conversation. (In the recorded discussions Norman’s remarks in Gaelic are subtitled in English. On the freestanding clips from Saoghal Thormoid, the YouTube Closed Captions option will give viewers the choice of following his comments with same language Gaelic subtitles, or automatic translation into other languages using the Settings wheel. Written translations into English are also provided in the YouTube video description.) Linked projects can be accessed on the webpages of the University of the Highlands and Islands Language Sciences Institute.


Recorded Discussion Norman Maclean Extract

Language Endangerment:
Gaelic Trajectory?

Talking Points 1 Saoghal Thormoid clip 1

Language Hierarchies:
English Ascendancy?

Talking Points 2 Saoghal Thormoid clip 2
Language Contact:
Bilingual Balance?
Talking Points 3 Saoghal Thormoid clip 3