Community Conference

July 11, 2022

Conference Fee Waiver for Islanders 

To encourage local participation in this conference we will offer free places to island residents from the Gaelic Crisis study area. We do ask islanders to register on the conference website, however, to allow the organisers to plan appropriate hospitality for the event. Follow, click on Tickets, and choose the conference bursary option.

Virtual participation in the conference 

The Soillse team will provide technical options for those wishing to participate in the conference virtually.

Travel Bursaries 

Soillse will make a limited number of travel bursaries available for island residents (outwith Lewis) to help defray travel costs. Please enquire with the conference organiser about this:

Conference Programme

July 5, 2022

The draft programme for the conference on Rooting Minority Language Policy in the Speaker Community has now been published. The conference will be held in Stornoway on 29th-31st August (details here:

The draft programme (updated on 24/08/22) can be viewed here:

You can also see the list of abstracts for presentations here: