Community Projects

August 2, 2022

Projects with close community links will be on display at the Stornoway conference at the end of the month. Series of videos in Gaelic or about Gaelic will be viewable in playlists put together on the Island Voices site, including “Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal”, “Saoghal Thormoid”, “Island Voices Series 1&2” and “International MOOT”.

No specific time is set aside on the conference timetable to discuss these, but they will be running non-stop at free times through the day, to give anyone a chance to take a look and ask questions about them.

And the playlists can be viewed remotely as well, with live links embedded in this PDF poster, where you can also find additional information about the links between Soillse and Island Voices, and other current research work in partnership with other universities in Scotland and internationally.

Some of the projects displayed are ongoing, with new videos added to them on a continuing basis. “Cuairt Chuil Uaraich”, from the Back Historical Society, was added to Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal just yesterday, following the incorporation of optional auto-translatable CC subtitles.